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SSL certificate setup

We encrypt your website on all major browsers with no work on your end.
Required by Google. Trusted by your visitors.

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  • SSL Certificate Installation & Validation
  • SSL Certificate renewal
  • Registration of https with Google
  • http to https conversion
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What’s included

SSL Certificate Installation

We set up and validate an SSL certificate on your server to secure your website on all major browsers.

SSL Certificate Renewal

We regularly update and renew your SSL certificate to ensure your website is constantly secured.

Registration with Google

We register your website with Google Search Console to get the https version indexed in search results.

https Conversions

We convert old http links to the new https, making sure that browsers don’t flag unsecure links.

Why secure your website?


Improve Google Rankings

Google has signaled that website encryption is now a ranking factor. Having a secure https website can improve your search engine rankings.

Avoid Browser Warnings

Since October 2017, Google's Chrome browser has been displaying warnings in incognito mode for non-https websites, which can drive visitors away from non-secure sites. Starting in July 2018, Chrome will display a warning for all non-https sites.

Increase Trust

An encrypted website sends a strong signal to your visitors that you take their data security seriously.

Common Questions

How is this service different from purchasing an SSL certicicate from my hosting company?

Hosting companies only sell the SSL certificate: they do not install or validate the certificates on your servers. Nor do they register your new https website with Google Search Console for indexing or convert your old http links to secure https links. Our service handles all of the above.

Do I need to purchase an SSL certificate?

No, the SSL certificate is already included in your subscription. We use SSL certificates issued by a trusted Certificate Authority, and compatible with most major hosting providers.

Why does my SSL certificate need to be renewed?

SSL certificates are issued with a validity period. Once the period expires, browsers stop accepting the certificates and display a warning. We use SSL certificates with a 3-month validity period which therefore need to be renewed regularly.

What is your cancellation policy?

You’re free to cancel any time, no questions asked, before the beginning of your next yearly subscription. Even following your cancellation, we will ensure that your website is secure through your current yearly subscription. However, we do not issue refunds or pro-rate for unused time following your cancellation.

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